Site Stats – May 2013

The statistics from last month were slightly higher than April’s, at 1,992 compared to last month’s which was 1,685. May had an average of 64 viewers per day.

I found this quite odd because we released our Bestival competition last month which I thought would boost our readers quite significantly. However, the post was released around the same time as the magazine, which was quite late in the month so that could have affected the reason why viewers weren’t as high as we expected.

In the last week of May, Facebook statistics showed that the ‘Total Likes’ rose 1.43%, ‘Friends of Fans’ rose by 2.63% and the ‘Weekly Total Reach’ rose by 32.96 %. The only thing that decreased was the number of ‘People Talking About This’, which dropped by 75.56%. Although the majority of statistics had risen, I found this extremely surprising that the amount of ‘People Talking About This’ dropped so severely considering the Bestival competition should have risen statistics – which we hoped was going to happen.


The top posts last month included An Interview with Lucy Rose and Bestival Ticket Giveaway.

Looking at the top posts from May and April, it seems that Flex is definitely leaning towards the Music route and becoming very music orientated as the majority of posts are interviews or reviews.

Personally, I think that Flex should cover a wider range of topics, including more features and seasonal things. I will discuss this with the team when I get the chance.


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